Towing Tips for a safe journey.


Joker Towing Services take your safety very seriously. 

Try not to leave your car or vehicle anywhere with poor visibility to other drivers – roundabouts, bends, busy roads. Of course this is not always possible, but please remember to abandon the vehicle to a safe distance with the vehicle’s hazard lights on and if possible, a hazard triangle 45 meters behind your car to warn other drivers to slow down.

Stopping your vehicle

At the first sign of car trouble, gently and smoothly take your foot off the accelerator. Do not brake hard or suddenly. Carefully work your vehicle toward the breakdown lane or the side of the road. If you are on an interstate, try to reach an exit. Signal your intentions to drivers behind you. If it is necessary to change lanes, watch your mirrors and the traffic around you closely.

Once off the road, make your car visible. Put reflector triangles behind your vehicle to alert other drivers; use your emergency flashers. If it is dark, turn on the interior dome light.

Flat Tyres

When you have a flat tire, be certain that you can change it safely without being close to traffic. If that is possible, change the tire as you normally would. Remember, safety must take precedence over your schedule or whatever other concerns you may have.

Get Help

Joker Towing will gladly assist with any questions you have whether you are broken down or just want to find out more about our services. Get professional help when and where you need it.